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Online Reputation Management For Health Care Professionals: A Common and Costly Oversight

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By Greg Taylor

I have recently been scanning online reviews for dentists and physicians, and have found that most health care professionals are virtually ignoring their online reputation. This is amazing, when you consider that they provide services that should place the up-most importance on reputation. After all, these are services that impact their health and well-being. It seems that screening medical professionals should be far more important to a consumer than where they are going to catch their next meal.

Why medical professionals are ignoring online reviews is a mystery to me. Maybe they are too busy to notice. They also may have too much business to care. But my best guess is that they simply are not aware of the importance of it, and how many potential patients may be checking them out online. Whatever the reason, they should take notice. Here are a few reasons why:

1.Online Reviews Are Here to Stay- Reviews are not a trend; and they aren’t going away. In fact, they are rapidly becoming the norm in choosing healthcare professionals. Recent studies have found that as much as 80% of first time patients will turn to the Internet in the process of making their health care provider decisions.
2.Online Reviews Are Prominent- Performance is subject to review by existing patients. The yellow pages are a dying medium with the majority of people now searching for local business online. Just in the process of searching for a phone number, current and potential patients will see these reviews. A bad review may give them pause for their decision to continue receiving care from the healthcare provider.
3.Healthcare Providers Are More Susceptible to Poor Reviews- Health care is a deeply personal thing. People care about their health, and can also be easily offended. Patients are far more likely to write a negative review in the health care field. As a result, health care professionals either need to be proactive in encouraging reviews; or provide exceptional service that drives unsolicited recommendations from their patients.
4. Bad Reviews Will Effect Business- Several studies have found that just one negative review can translate into over a 10% decline in business.
5. Good Reviews Increase Business- Because most healthcare providers are ignoring this issue, it leaves a tremendous opportunity for those that recognize and address it. A doctor who is at the top of a city search for their expertise can leap off the page against their competition. With thousands of potential monthly searches, a review rich listing can demand the attention of many of those potential patients.

These are just a few of the many reasons online reviews should be taken seriously in the health care industry. Wise providers who recognize the issue, should address it as soon as possible. They can do this by being more proactive in gathering reviews; or by hiring a service to manage their online reputation. The latter is probably the best solution. Reputation management is not a task most doctors have the time or knowledge to implement effectively. It is a complicated process to repair a reputation, and getting patients to provide good reviews can be incredibly challenging. A good reputation management services can pay for itself many times over.

Esmart Marketing provides reputation management and review promotion services specific to the healthcare field. For more information call 801- 903-1033

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Restaurant Marketing With Google Plus and Review Sites.

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In the past couple of years, there have been major changes in the way restaurants are marketed.  While traditional methods such as coupons are still effective, word of mouth advertising is still king. What’s really changed is the delivery method. The Internet is now relevant, and has become a powerful tool for the promotion of reputation.

Just a few short years ago, web presence was a second thought for most restaurants. The truth was that potential customers simply didn’t sit down at their computer to decide where to eat. However, the world has now gone mobile, and everything has changed. With the popularity of smartphones, potential customers can now search for ideas and reputations on the fly.

This means that restaurants must have a powerful web presence, but this does not necessarily require a fancy website. Yes, websites are important and will attract more attention than they used too. However, a restaurant is far more likely to attract attention through review listings with sites such as Yelp, City Search, and Urban Spoon.

These sites are becoming more and more popular all of the time. As a result, a good online reputation is essential. Good or bad, customers can now proclaim their experience to the online world. For good restaurants, this is word of mouth advertising on steroids. On the other hand, for poor restaurants, bad reviews can be their worst nightmare.

While reviews sites such as Yelp are very popular, the king of review listings is Google Plus Business Pages (Formerly Google Places).  These are promotion pages that Google has created for virtually every existing business. Basically, they are customizable webpages that can contain pictures, maps, videos, coupons, and contact information.  Most importantly, these pages provide a venue for customer reviews.  These pages are essential for every business, and more likely to be viewed than a traditional website. They are also far more effective at driving business, because the reviews say something about the business.  Amazingly, the vast majority of businesses have no idea that they even have a Google Plus Page.

Taking it a step further, searches are also geographically localized. This means that search result location is taken into consideration, and will automatically populate top results based on the geographical location of the searches.  For restaurant owners; this means that they must be proactive to insure that their Internet listings are review rich, and rank at the top of the local listings for their niche.

What does all this mean for a restaurant trying to promote their businesses online?  It means that there are two essentials in regards to Google Plus pages and review site listings. First, a top ranking, as 85% of internet searches never go beyond the first three listings. Secondly, business listings need to be loaded with lots of positive reviews.  These two things are the key in achieving the main marketing objective; standing out from the crowd.

This advice is all fine, but easier said than done. With only three listings commanding all the attention in a given city, and likely hundreds of restaurants competing for those spots, the competition is thick. In addition, getting customers to give positive reviews is not easy. In fact, people are more likely to give you a negative review if your service is not up to par.

All of this means that a restaurant must be consistent and proactive in managing their listings.  This can be a giant task which requires study, implementation of effective strategy, and consistent management. For this reason, many restaurants turn to marketing’s firms that specialize in review promotion and ranking strategies.

Word of mouth advertising is the most effective and cheapest form of marketing there is.  If a restaurant offers excellent food and service, effective internet promotion of this reputation can become the greatest source of business a restaurant has. This being said, a good management company can be worth their weight in gold, and their work can easily pay for itself as the need for other forms of advertising diminishes as a result of the improved online presence.

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